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Make this the year that you crush your goals

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It’s a new year and you set new goals or resolutions and on day one you’re excited. On day two, you’re still excited. By day seven, you forgot all about your goals. You figure you can try again next year.

Don’t let that be you.

You need to take control of your goal and crush it this year. After a horrible 2020, you owe it to yourself to accomplish your goal. You have seen and survived the year of the virus. You have possibly seen the worst and expect a new year. A different year. In 2021, you want a fresh start and be the superman or woman and kick the kryptonite to the curb. …

6 Million-plus Views and 2,500 Followers Didn’t Make Me Happy.

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In 2018, I was asked to join Quora as a partner and write for them. I wasn’t expecting an offer from them and was pretty excited. I took an English minor in college to work on my writing but never did I think I would ask questions and make money from it. This sounds easy but I soon found out it broke my most important rule.

Don’t waste your time.

I was wasting time to make about a dollar an hour to write a question.

A dollar an hour sounds easy but it really wasn’t.

For my very first check from Quora, I made $32.83, which isn’t bad. …

Don’t do these or you will lose your contact’s trust forever

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I get a lot of friend requests on LinkedIn and these are the most annoying responses I get from people. Not everyone does this and it baffles me because it tells me they have no idea what they are doing.

You have to treat new connections on LinkedIn like your first date. Ask yourself, do you kiss on the first date? Sometimes. Other times a hug works.

On your first date, you try your best not to embarrass yourself. You really want to get to know the other person.

LinkedIn is the same way. The method you use on a first date, you should do the same on this social media platform. …

Some easy facts to grow your resources as a novice capitalist

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This is a new year and you expect more money to be one of your top goals for 2021. There are only two ways to get more money. One, you can win the lottery. Two, you can win an inheritance. The odds of either one of these happening are very slim.

The third way is you invest your money. Now, this is quite possible. Investing is simply taking money you already have and putting the money into a stock, mutual fund, ETF (Exchange Traded Fund), or a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust). …

This could be the only answer you need today

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This is a New Year, and you’re trying to find the best product or formula to lose weight. You’ve tried the newest diet fad or the latest weight loss platform. One time you literally starved yourself trying to get in shape. Let me tell you, there is only one way you are going to lose weight this year.

The best part, this is absolutely free. It will cost you nothing.

Any guesses?


Whatever fitness program, exercise routine, or diet you pick, you need to stay focused. You have to be committed to the program and follow every tip or suggestion recommended. …

The answer will surprise you and could make you do the same

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I just crossed 229 days of writing every single day. For me to do that, I had to give up something. That’s how life is. When you want to do more, you need to find the time.

Time is limited. You don’t get an extra hour that magically appears. You need to find the time.

This usually means you need to cut something out of your schedule. Once you do that, the time appears.

Technically, I didn’t give up social media completely. I just limited my time. …


I hope you had a great week. As a writer on Medium, a big question that pops up routinely is should you or shouldn't you write every day. For many that is a personal question. You may have time to write every day or you may not have the time depending on your schedule.

I’ve been fortunate to have the time to write every day. As of yesterday, I have written at least one article a day since June 1 (or 229 days). For me, I think it helps me to plan my writing. I keep a running list on my notepad on my smartphone. Every Sunday, I lay out the next seven days on what to write. …

You will be surprised by this simple answer

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You go through school and life, and there is one thing no one tells you when you’re 20 years old that could come back to haunt you forever. It’s a scary feeling and surprisingly no word of this ever gets mentioned in school. Your parents are so busy they don’t tell you as well.

It’s actually a secret that some people in the world know and it makes them money every single year. Do you have any guesses?

The secret is life insurance.

You probably may have gotten a call from an insurance agent. Or you met an insurance agent and you tell them off as fast as you met them because you don’t think you need it. How do I know? Because I used to be an insurance agent. …

Sometimes life is more than just about earning money

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When you leave the military, sometimes you have the opportunity to walk into a six-figure job. For me, money is always important. At this point in my life, a few other areas took priority over a big paycheck.

As you get older, life starts to change. When I was in my 20s, I would have jumped at the chance to earn six figures. Now a few decades later, there are a lot of changes in life that you need to consider.

When you’re young, you are looking for a big paying job. After you’ve finished school, you’re hungry for money. Any type of money to help pay your bills, eat, and travel. …

She dumped your Mickey Mantle baseball card as well as other things

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I was listening to a YouTube video this morning that a Mickey Mantle baseball card was sold for $5.2 million. After I heard this, I had to search online to read more about this story. Can you imagine a baseball card sold for this much? A little piece of cardboard with a picture of someone is worth millions of dollars.

Over the last few years, sports cards are quietly making money for investors. People are selling these sports cards online and at card shows. …

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